Cookie Policy


What is Cookie?

One among the tiny files names as cookies which appears our computer while downloading. Professional websites are meeting the experience of cookies as a common practice. It is the page that belongs to cookie description, what data they collect, what are requirements and how we handle it. In order to store the cookies, all these things have to be noted. While storing the cookies, we would share about how to prevent those cookies even it breaks some elements on the website or downgrade the functionalities.

If you need to know additional information about cookies, check the Wikipedia sites on cookies.


How Can We Use Cookies?

There are so many reasons which mentions below in detail. Nowadays, most of the industries don’t have any standard options to disable the unwanted cookies. Some site has options to disable completely to add some extra features on the functionalities. If you want to leave all the cookies, it recommends for the purpose of provide the effective services whether you want or not.


Ho to Disable Cookies?

In the browser, you can adjust the cookie settings in order to prevent the information. Browser help is the best option to know about how to do it. This is a kind of awareness to disable the cookies to be disturbed the system functionalities. All the websites have the features and functionalities to get the result of disabling the cookies. It is usual format so please check it in other websites. While disable the cookies, some other features will also disable automatically.


Set up Cookies

  • Cookies relate to the Account – User creates the account with us, we would also use the cookies to signup process by general admin or concern management. Whenever you logout, all the cookies will be removed automatically. But, some other sites have preferences to delete the cookies after you log out.

  • Cookies relate to the Login – In order to remind the fact, we could use the cookies until you starts login. It helps to prevent the page which you have visited. All the cookies will be removed or deleted when you complete the log out process. It ensures to access the restricted functionalities and features.

  • Cookies relate to the processing orders – This site provides the facilities of payment and E-commerce based cookies which are important to ensure the order processing properly.

  • Cookies relate to the Forms – There are so many options to submit your information like form which helps to find the particular comment from or other contact pages and so on. It can remember the cookies to ensure the details of user.


Unauthorized Cookies

Some of the cases, we can also provide the unauthorized cookies through trusted third parties. Encountered cookies from unauthorized users via site will mention in below,

  • In this site, we use Google Analytics which is one of the trusted analytics to provide the widespread and solutions in order to understand the web page. It provides some instructions for how to use it and in which way to enhance the experience for additional improvement. We can track the cookies that have appeared in the page to find out how long it appears in the page.

Check the official page of Google Analytics for getting more information.

More Details

Finally, we have explained you to clarify the doubts on cookies. This page was mentioned all the essential things about cookies for getting safer sites without affecting any features. If you want to know more information, please contact us through Email.

Email contact: [email protected]

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